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Statewide support services

Statewide support services

Disability allocation

The Disability Allocation is provided to schools to support students with disability and additional needs and comprises two components:

  1. Educational adjustment allocation - for mainstream schools to implement programs and learning supports for students and additional learning needs.
  2. Individual disability allocation – to support students with eligible disability based on application, approval and review.

Educational Adjustment Allocation

The educational adjustment allocation is provided directly to schools to flexibly implement programs and learning support for students with disability and additional learning support needs. The additional funding is provided to mainstream schools and can be used to facilitate opportunities including:

  • teacher observation and judgement;
  • personalised learning and support planning;
  • designing learning opportunities for whole school implementation; and  
  • supporting classroom teachers to attend collaborative meetings or professional learning to build teacher capacity.

Advice and support is also available through Statewide Services, including access to consulting teachers and school psychologists.

The funding means that more students will be able to access support without the need for diagnosis of disability.

Typically the educational adjustment allocation will support students with a range of learning disabilities or imputed disability such as dyspraxia, asthma, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, dyslexia, foetal alcohol syndrome, specific learning disability and specific language impairment.

Individual Disability Allocation

An Individual Disability Allocation will be provided for eligible students to help the school address the learning needs of students with a diagnosed disability.

There are eight categories of eligibility and each category has its own criteria. Some categories may require specific assessment or diagnosis by relevant specialists. Eligibility requires verification by Disability Resourcing to ensure the diagnosis complies with the Department’s criteria and standards.

A periodical review is required for some eligibility categories. This is usually for conditions or disorders that are variable in presentation or may require further clarification. If updated documents demonstrating eligibility are not received by the designated review date, funding will cease until such time as eligibility documents are received.

Resources are reviewed when a student moves into a new phase of schooling. These review points are at the end of Kindergarten and Year 8. For students who are eligible due to conditions such as mental disorders and medical conditions more frequent reviews are required. Some eligibility categories are resourced for limited time periods only.

Disability Allocation

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