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Whole School Approaches

Health Promoting Schools Framework

A health promoting school is one that is based on a social model of health. This model takes into account the physical, and social and emotional needs of all members of the school community.  Schools are in an ideal position to promote and maintain the health of children, young people, school staff and the wider community.

The Health Promoting Schools Framework is based on the principles of the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion (Ottawa, 1986) and was initiated by the World Health Organisation.

Together, members work towards providing students with positive experiences and structures that promote and protect their health. These health needs are addressed through the three components of the Health Promoting Schools Framework:

The Health Promoting Schools process consists of a cycle of steps to guide and implement change in a flexible manner. It is expected that such a process be reviewed on an ongoing basis:

  1. prepare
  2. create a shared vision
  3. select priorities
  4. develop an action plan
  5. put the plan into action
  6. review, reflect and plan for the future
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Whole School Approaches

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