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Student Health Care

Student health care summary and health care planning forms

The Student Health Care Summary form (Form 1 below) is to be completed by all parents prior to enrolment and updated if the student’s health care needs change.

The Student Health Care Summary:

  • provides contact details for use in a medical emergency
  • seeks informed consent from parents for any necessary sharing of student’s health information
  • informs parents that in a medical emergency they will be expected to meet the cost of an ambulance
  • asks parents to identify essential health information that could affect their child in an emergency e.g. allergy to penicillin
  • asks parents to list any health conditions their child has and to advise the school if support is required from school staff
  • if support is required, requests parents to complete one or more health care plans using one of the templates below.

Standardised management/emergency response plans for common health care needs:

  • Student Health Care Summary (Form 1Word   
    This form can also be accessed in the WA Reports folder in Integris.  It can be populated with student demographic details.
  • Generic health care management/emergency response plan (Form 2Word  kst
  • Severe allergy/anaphylaxis management plan and emergency response plan (Form 4Word   kst
  • Mild and moderate allergies management plan and emergency response plan (Form 5Word  kst
  • Diabetes action and management plans for further information please see Diabetes best practice guidelines (these plans replace Form 6)
  • Seizure management and emergency response plan (Form 7Word   kst
  • Asthma management and emergency response plan (Form 8Word   kst
  • Activity of daily living (Form 9)   Word   kst

Note: A generic planning template has been developed which can be adapted for managing less common health care needs for which there is no standardised plan.

Student Health Care

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