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School Chaplaincy Program

Establishing a School Chaplaincy Program

Public schools in Western Australia are not required to have a chaplain.

School chaplaincy services are designed to form part of the already existing wellbeing and pastoral care services provided within the school community.

Chaplains can only be employed by external Service Providers and appointed to public schools.  Schools do not employ their own chaplains.

It is up to individual schools as to whether they adopt an opt in or an opt out process for inclusion of students in the school’s chaplaincy program.

Fact Sheets

The Fact Sheets below provide information on various In School Chaplaincy matters.  Schools may direct parents and interested community members to these Fact Sheets.  (Note that some fact sheets will be updated in the future).  Principals are encouraged to tailor their program to meet school needs and local community context.


FS 1:  The National School Chaplaincy Programme (NSCP) and the In School State Funded Chaplaincy Program (ISSFCP)
FS 2:  Overview of In School Chaplaincy Programs
FS 3:   The National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Programme (NSCSWP) 2012-2014 
FS 4:   The Reporting Requirements of Funded Schools
FS 5:   Application and Selection Process for In School Chaplaincy Funding 2017-2018 
FS 6:   Frequently Asked Questions – Application and Selection Process
FS 7:   Use of funds
FS 8:   School Mergers, Splits, Closures and Exits
Download Fact Sheets 1-8 (9 pages)

Role of Chaplain, Principal and Service Provider

FS 9:   Role of an In School Chaplain
FS 10:  Minimum requirements and Qualifications
FS 11:  Responsibilities of an In School Chaplain
FS 12:  Role and Responsibilities of a Principal
FS 13:  Sample Code of Conduct
FS 14:  Role of a Service Provider
FS 15:  Responsibilities of a Service Provider
Download Fact Sheets 9-15 (9 pages)
School Chaplaincy Program

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