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2019 In School Chaplaincy program funding

The Commonwealth and State Governments have committed funding for In School Chaplains for 2019-2022.  To ensure continuity of service for schools while new agreements are finalised, the same public schools that received funding in 2018 (through either the National School Chaplaincy Programme or the In School State Funded Chaplaincy Program) will be given the option to continue to receive funding for the 2019 school year.

Principals of these schools have received an email outlining what is required to confirm funding for the 2019 school year.  The funding provided to schools will be increased by 2.1 per cent to match Wage Price Indexation.  This will enable all schools to maintain the same level of service as in 2018.  Metropolitan and regional schools will receive $21,453.76, with remote and very remote schools receiving $25,744.52.

Schools that were provided in 2018 a $10,000 credit through the Department of Education’s Grant Agreement with YouthCARE will continue to be provided with the same funding for 2019.  This will consist of a $5,000 credit from YouthCARE and a $5,000 Targeted Initiative payment through the In School State Funded Chaplaincy Program (ISSFCP). 

Any public school may contract chaplaincy services for the 2019 school year while planning and procurement processes for 2020 are undertaken.   Please see the Principal’s User Guide for In School Chaplaincy Services at Western Australian Public Schools for detailed information.

The Department has also extended a service agreement with YouthCARE for 2019 for Support Chaplains and Pastoral Critical Incident Response (PCIR) Chaplains to be provided at no cost to schools.  Schools that were not funded in 2018 through the In School Chaplaincy program will continue to have access to Support Chaplains and PCIR Chaplains through this agreement.  While schools receiving In School Chaplaincy funding are not eligible for Support Chaplains, all schools can access PCIR chaplains in times of crisis.

It is recommended that schools not currently funded and seeking to offer a chaplaincy program for the 2019 school year contact YouthCARE to discuss possible arrangements for a Support Chaplain.

The opportunity for all schools to apply for funding for the 2020‑2022 school years will be made available in 2019.

School Chaplaincy Program

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