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Student attendance

Alternative Attendance Arrangements (Section 24)

A principal may agree for a student enrolled at their school to temporarily attend at another school or off-site educational program in accordance with Section 24 of the School Education Act 1999.

A ‘Section 24’ alternative attendance arrangement is an arrangement between the principal and the parent, or the student (if the student is considered an independent minor), where documented arrangement(s) are made for the student to attend an educational program away from the school site, whilst maintaining their enrolment.

This arrangement can be used in instances where the student is attending elsewhere for a particular period of the school year or during a particular period each week.

For further guidance refer to the Approving Section 24 Arrangements Guidelines





Alternative Attendance Arrangements (Section 24) for Students who are temporarily residing in a refuge as a result of family and domestic violence

Guidance is available to support principals and school staff in enacting protocols for students who are temporarily residing at a Women’s Refuge as a result of family and domestic violence.


Notice of Arrangements and Exemptions (alternative enrolment options)

Schools should also be aware of the approval arrangements for students seeking to participate in an alternative to full-time enrolment at school including Notice of Arrangements and Exemptions.  Staff and students should visit the Participation website for information on the approval process for Notice of Arrangements and Exemptions (alternative enrolment options).

Schools should consult their Education Regional Office if requiring advice regarding alternatives to full-time school.

Student attendance

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