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Student attendance

Standardised Leave Passes

Standardised leave passes enable students to demonstrate they have appropriate permission to be away from the school site without direct supervision of an authorised adult.

Examples of use include:

  • One off appointments where the parent is not accompanying the student.
  • Repeat appointments that occur at a set frequency over a period of time and the parent is not accompanying the student eg. every Wednesday during Term 1.
  • Participation in an approved off-site educational program without supervision of a teacher or authorised adult.

Standardised leave passes assist badged attendance officers, police officers, transport officers and local businesses to verify a student’s absence from school in a recognisable and consistent form.

A pass is only valid if:

  • the front of the card is complete;
  • the reverse side of the student’s copy is stamped with the school name and contact details; and
  • the signature of the Principal, or the Principal’s delegate appears on the card.

It is important that Principals understand their responsibilities within the Duty of Care policy prior to issuing a Standardised leave pass.


How to order standardised leave pass books for your school

The ongoing supply costs of Standardised leave pass books is met by Central Office, Department of Education.

Download and completing the Order Form and submit by email it to Northside Logistics (details are on provided on the order form).

Standardised Leave Passes will not be directly distributed to programs that are facilitated by organisations or agencies other than the Department of Education. Such requests should be directed to the principal of the students’ enrolled school.

Student attendance

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