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Responsible Parenting Agreements

A Responsible Parenting Agreement (RPA) documents strategies developed in collaboration with parents and/or caregivers, school staff and interagency representatives.  A RPA outlines the agreed obligations of all parties in restoring a student’s attendance.

Responsible Parenting Agreements are a provision under the Children and Community Services Act (2004).

These agreements are designed to support parents of children who display exceptional behavioural needs, are persistently absent from school without reasonable cause, or committing criminal offences.

All schools should consult with the Coordinator Regional Services (CRSs) at their Education Regional Office when developing a RPA.  CRSs are the Department's only officers authorised to enter into an RPA.

The school can work with the parent to form a plan of action to bring about improvements in the student’s behaviour or attendance.

The plan may include actions such as:

  • helping the parent to access a parenting service or undertaking tasks to build on parenting skills
  • counselling to support the parent

The plan will contain time frames for actions and be written up as a formal agreement. When the parent and the CRS sign this, it commits all parties to complete the plan. An agreement can last up to 12 months and will be reviewed regularly.

Schools may also be involved in the development of Responsible Parenting Agreements that have been initiated and authorised by other agencies such as the Department for Child Protection and Family Support and Department of Corrective Services.


Guidelines for the use of Education-related Responsible Parenting Agreements (pdf)

Appendix A: Responsible Parenting Agreement template (Word)

Student attendance

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