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Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention

Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention is a two-day workshop designed for professionals and para-professionals in the human services whose roles bring them into regular contact with people at risk of suicide.

This workshop aims to help participants:

gain an understanding of the problem of suicide;

  • identify suicide risk;
  • provide a framework for risk assessment and intervention;
  • develop appropriate intervention skills;
  • understand the limits to confidentiality;
  • understand the importance of consultation;
  • gain an understanding of self-harming behaviour;
  • gain an understanding of the link between mental disorders and suicidal behaviours; and
  • understand the importance of postvention.

Note: Participants need to be aware that the workshop is intense and demanding. They are encouraged to consider the potential emotional impact on themselves before attending the workshop.

Department of Education staff, other agency and non-Government organisation staff registering for this event should register using the Department of Education Professional Learning Information System (PLIS) online calendar.

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  • Other agency and non-Government organisation staff use their current ‘P number’ or set up an account by following the prompts and then selecting the event they wish to attend.
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