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Behaviour and Wellbeing

Behaviour and Wellbeing

General information

Qualifications of School Psychologists 

School Psychologists:

  • must hold a four year degree in Psychology from an accredited university.
  • need to have a teaching qualification. However there is no requirement for WACOT registration.
  • are also required to have a current 'Working With Children (WWC) Check'  and police clearance.

Professional Registration

School Psychologists working with the Department of Education are required to be registered or provisionally registered with the Psychology Board of Australia.

Beginning School Psychologists are required to undergo a formal two year professional supervision process to achieve registration with the Psychology Board of Australia. During this time they are known as a Provisionally Registered Psychologist. This does not apply to School Psychologists with a Masters or higher degree in Psychology.

The Psychology Board of Australia identifies eight core capabilities that must be attained by Provisionally Registered Psychologists. These are:

  1. Knowledge of the Discipline
  2. Psychological Assessment and Measurement
  3. Ethical, Legal and Professional Matters
  4. Intervention Strategies
  5. Research and Evaluation
  6. Communication and Interpersonal Relationships
  7. Working within a Cross-cultural Context
  8. Practice across the Lifespan

All School Psychologists are bound by the Department of Education's 'Code of Conduct' and the Psychology Board of Australia's Code of Ethics.

General information

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