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Behaviour and Wellbeing

Cyberbullying: Legal and research issues webinar recording

Links to YouTube clips for Cyberbullying Webinar hosted by Institute for Professional Learning 2013.

A complete recording of the Cyberbullying webinar can be accessed through YouTube.

The links below open individual video clips answering specific questions from the webinar recording:

  1. Currently there isn’t an offence for cyberbullying, should there be?
  2. What are some of the biggest challenges you see when young people interact online?
  3. What can schools do to address cyberbullying?
  4. What are the legal perspectives if a teacher is being cyberbullied or they become aware of a student being cyberbullied?
  5. Can the KiVa program be adapted to an Australian setting?
  6. What suggestions do you have for dealing with parents modelling bad behaviour on Facebook?
  7. Is there any attempt in Australia to limit the age at which children can have a Facebook account?
  8. Should the use of social media, such as Facebook, be encouraged or discouraged through school hours? If it should be encouraged how can it be used positive and the negative effect minimised?
  9. One of the issues for schools is the inability to gain quick access to the information shown on Facebook. Any thoughts?
  10. What are the implications of cyberbullying outside of school hours?
  11. What research is available regarding the impact of online gaming?
  12. Is there any research data on the relationship between cyberbullying and social incompetence among young people that are over dependent on social media? What three things do you consider are the most important in a cyber-environment?
  13. Do you have any advice for teachers about privacy settings for Facebook?
  14. How can we prepare rural students heading to boarding school for the online world and social media?
Cyberbullying Webinar

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