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Keeping our Workplace Safe

Keeping our Workplace Safe resource and professional learning

Find out more about KOWS professional learning for public school staff, including how to register, claiming reimbursement for travel and teacher relief.

Please note: Participants are requested to bring their Emergency and Critical Incident Management Plan and Risk Register to the presentation.

While the vast majority of schools do not have violent incidents, it is never acceptable for verbal and physical aggression to cause risk to the safety or wellbeing of people on school sites.

The Keeping our Workplace Safe (KOWS) initiative provides a framework of strategies and information to address violence in the workplace from a prevention and intervention perspective.  Violence in the workplace is a serious and complex occupational safety and health matter. In schools, it disrupts teaching and learning, and has an impact on staff, students, parents/caregivers and the community.

Schools have access to a range of services and interventions to support students to learn and maintain appropriate behaviour at school that are preventative and responsive in nature.  This initiative will help to highlight these services and interventions.

Resources are available in the Keeping our Workplace Safe hub – click here

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Keeping our Workplace Safe

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