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Training in de-escalation and positive handling

About the training

The Department has a contract with Team-Teach Asia-Pacific to provide training in prevention, de-escalation and positive handling.  Team-Teach Asia-Pacific regularly updates training to reflect the latest research findings about the psychology of behaviour management, biomechanics and safe systems of manual handling.  The holistic processes that underpin Team-Teach ensure that the practices of care settings, such as schools, are ‘trauma informed’.

The emphasis within the Team‑Teach framework is that at least 95% of responses should be non‑physical.  Prediction, prevention, de‑escalation, the importance of non‑verbal and verbal communication and structured debriefing and repair are a strong focus of training.  

Training explicitly emphasises that, without exception, all approaches should maintain safety and dignity for all, be gradual and graded, and be reasonable, proportionate and necessary.  Physical interventions should be seen as a last resort and only used when it is in the best interest of the child, and are reasonable, proportionate and necessary.

Team-Teach does not provide any physical intervention training unless it is part of a comprehensive risk, restraint and restriction reduction program, within a holistic framework where the opinions and expertise of relevant professionals are prioritised and where the child and carers are actively engaged.

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Accessing training

Schools can negotiate Team‑Teach courses at a school level through tutors listed on the website (click on the related files to the right of this page). Alternatively, schools may request professional learning through their Consulting Teacher, particularly in regional areas.

Other things to consider:

  • The school will need to pay for workbooks for staff who attend the professional learning, which cost $25 each.
  • The school will need to cover the costs of relief.
  • Schools are expected to register the course on the Professional Learning Information System (PLIS) as a closed event. If the school has less than 10 participants, the event should be advertised to others through their regional networks.

Termly training at the Statewide Services Centre

For schools that need training for only a few of their staff because they are new to the school or need to undertake training until such time as the school can organise whole staff training, Statewide Services is offering termly Team-Teach 6hr courses at the Statewide Services Centre in Padbury.  For details of these course, please email


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Training provided by Team-Teach tutors

Tutors are able to provide Department staff with practical knowledge in how to defuse a situation and apply appropriate intervention in incidents where positive handling may be necessary to protect students, staff or others from harm.

Intermediate tutors are licensed to deliver the 6 hour foundation, 6 hour refresher and 12 hour basic courses to employees within their regional boundary.

Advanced tutors are licensed to deliver the 6 hour foundation, 6 hour refresher and 12 hour basic courses, and advanced modules to employees within their regional boundary.  Advanced modules are aimed at high risk service settings.  These modules cover personal safety, risk reductions strategies, a range of positive handling and interventions in response to dangerous behaviour.

Ratios for all new training courses are 1:12.  In addition, single tutors can only offer a 6 hour foundation course and no two person responses.

With refresher courses, there is no stipulation as to a ratio other than the tutor must risk assess whether they can safely manage the number of staff they are being asked to refresh.

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New tutor training courses and refresher courses

New tutor training courses and tutor refresher courses are organised by Statewide Services and generally held at the Statewide Services Centre in Padbury.  The cost of courses (including course fees, venue hire and catering) is met by Statewide Services.  Costs associated with participant travel, accommodation and teacher relief are not met.  Any costs associated with tutors training school staff is met by the school or region.

Contact for new tutor courses

Pamela Miller, Statewide Services Centre, 33 Giles Avenue Padbury


T  9402 6136

Training in de-escalation and positive handling

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