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Behaviour and Wellbeing

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Behaviour management in schools policy

Click on the following link to access the Behaviour Management in Schools policy:

Behaviour Management in Schools policy


Team-Teach de-escalation and restraint training

For information on staff trained as Team-Teach tutors click on the Related Files to the right of this page.  Team-Teach tutors are able to provide Department staff with practical knowledge in how to defuse a situation and apply appropriate intervention in incidents where restraint may be necessary to protect students, staff or others from harm.

Intermediate tutors are licensed to deliver the 6hr foundation, 6hr refresher and 12hr basic courses to employees within their regional boundary.  Two trainers are required for new staff training events.

Advanced tutors are licensed to deliver the 6hr foundation, 6hr refresher and 12hr basic courses, and advanced modules to employees within their regional boundary.

Behaviour Management in Schools

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