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Information for Parents

Procedures for making complaints

If you need assistance in resolving a concern or complaint.

Staff will help you:

  • obtain information about school policies and procedures
  • make enquiries about student programs, performance and behaviour
  • clarify a problem and register a concern with the school
  • direct letters of enquiry or complaint

At all stages, staff will work with you to establish an agreed plan of action and timeline.

School-level resolution

Stage 1: Discussion with staff member

Contact the class teacher or other relevant staff member to discuss your complaint. This is best done by making an appointment through the school office. The staff will work with you to resolve the problem.

Stage 2: Review or investigation at the school level

Contact the principal who will work with you and the staff member to resolve the problem. You may wish to formalise your complaint. To do this, you may write to the principal who will acknowledge the complaint with a written reply as soon as possible, even if a resolution is not available at this stage.

The principal will consider the issue and identify what action is to be taken and by when, and will clarify the process if a formal complaint is to proceed. The principal may seek the support of the Coordinator, Regional Operations or other relevant regional, or central office staff.

This action and timeline will be confirmed with you in writing.

You should be aware that when a complaint is made in writing about the performance of an individual staff member, that staff member will receive documentation of the substance of the complaint.

Regional-level resolution

Stage 3: Regional Resolution

If resolution is not reached at the school level or, if the principal is the subject of your complaint, contact the Coordinator, Regional Operations at your Regional Education Office for assistance in resolving the issue. This will involve an independent review of the situation and may include mediation.

The Coordinator, Regional Operations can be contacted through your Regional Education Office. Numbers are listed in the telephone directory under the Department of Education.

Central Resolution

Stage 4: Formal Complaints

In those exceptional circumstances where a complaint relates to the alleged improper conduct of a department employee, the complaint should be forwarded to:

Executive Director
Professional Standards and Conduct
Department of Education
151 Royal Street

For further information please visit the Department of Education's Policies website.

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Information for Parents

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