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Complaints Management

Disputes and Complaints Policy and Procedures

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This policy is not applicable to complaints made by department employees that are employment related.

Principles underlying the policy

The following principles apply to all disputes and complaints lodged under Section 118 of the School Education Act 1999:

  • The process is accessible to all aggrieved parties and is under pinned by a commitment to cooperation on the part of the Department's staff.
  • Resolution at the local level is preferred, wherever it is appropriate to do so.
  • Procedural fairness is afforded to all parties.
  • The subject of the complaint is informed of the substance of the complaint.
  • Vexatious, trivial or previously finalised issues are not pursued.
  • Warranted investigation will be pursued with or without the active involvement of the complainant.
  • Confidentiality is maintained, to the extent consistent with legislative requirements and the other principles in this section.
  • Complaints and disputes are monitored and their management evaluated so as to reduce the occurrence of systemic and recurring problems.
  • In all matters the educational well-being of students is the first priority.
  • All persons in the school community including students, parents, administrators, teachers and support staff, have a right to be treated with respect and courtesy.
  • Complainants are able to make inquiries, raise concerns or lodge complaints about the provision of education and the conduct of Department staff and have them dealt with efficiently, fairly and promptly.
  • Processes are to be straightforward and operate within the regulatory framework of the Department.
  • Information about the process for raising concerns and making inquiries or complaints is to be available to parents, students and members of the local community.
Complaints Management

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