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Professional Learning Calendar
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Schools of Special Educational Needs

Further education and training

Why is lifelong learning important?

  • To enable individuals to continue to develop skills and understandings to lead fulfilling lives
  • To increase the chances of individuals finding the job they want
  • To increase an individual’s skills and make them more employable, more confident and able to take on greater responsibility
  • To enable further learning opportunities for people of all ages

There are many avenues open to young people to continue their education and training following compulsory education. Options include:

It is important for young people to remember that whatever they choose to do, three things are essential:

  • making their own choices informed by an understanding of self and available options
  • documented and supported planning
  • being positive about the future

In Western Australia, post-compulsory education and training are provided by Adult and Community Education (ACE), Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), Senior Secondary Colleges, TAFEWA and the , Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, Murdoch University and the University of Notre Dame, University of Western Australia

Further education and training

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