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Approved Specialist Programs

Approved Specialist Programs

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Approved Specialist Programs turn passions into dream futures

Children have the opportunity to turn their passions into dream futures through more than 110 Approved Specialist Programs at 60 Schools across the State.

Sports and arts programs as well as academic and applied studies give children real-world skills and a head start to reach their career goals.

Many are linked to sporting and industry bodies and training organisations, allowing children to gain industry recognised qualifications. Teachers and coaches are adept at recognising and developing children’s skills in their areas of interest.

Children can select pathways that prepare them for full-time employment or trades, or they can choose pathways that lead to further study at training organisations or university.

From aviation to music and from engineering to cricket, the programs are challenging and exciting. Graduates have gone on to become professional athletes, pilots, cinematographers, fashion designers, marine biologists, sports coaches and more.

How to apply
Applications for Approved Specialist Programs are made directly to schools. As every program is unique, application process and closing dates vary. Contact the relevant schools or check their websites for more information.

Children may apply for Approved Specialist Programs no matter where they live. Selection into the program does not guarantee a place at the school if the child lives outside the local area.

All schools guarantee places for children in their local areas as the first priority. After taking local enrolments, the school may then take enrolments from children selected for Approved Specialist Programs from outside the local area if they have capacity.


Approved Academic and Applied Specialist Programs

Outstanding Approved Academic and Applied Specialist Programs extend children’s knowledge and abilities, and challenge and stimulate their minds.


Approved Arts Specialist Programs

Children with a talent for creativity have the opportunity to shine in an Approved Arts Specialist Program. If your child enjoys performing, designing or creating works of art, discover the programs on offer.


Approved Sports Specialist Programs

Children who love sport and aspire to be a top athlete thrive on our Approved Sports Specialist Programs. These elite programs bring out the best in your child and enable them to compete at the highest level.


List of participating schools

Here is a full list of schools and the specialist programs.

Approved Specialist Programs