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Approved Specialist Programs

Approved Specialist Programs

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The soccer Specialist Program is for students who want to combine their love of soccer and the pursuit of sports excellence with academic excellence. 

The program develops children’s skills, attitudes and knowledge of the game, and works on individual skills and team skills including:

  • passing
  • heading
  • shooting
  • ball control
  • dribbling
  • tackling
  • team formations
  • set plays
  • principles of attack and defence.

In addition, your child is provided with information on:

  • diet and nutrition
  • coaching skills
  • refereeing
  • fitness and weight training
  • an understanding of the physiological requirements of the game.

Children have the opportunity to gain certification in coaching, refereeing, sports and recreation, outdoor recreation and first aid.

Your child may also represent the school in competitions, tours and excursions (locally, interstate and nationally).

Specialist facilities include:

  • football grounds
  • pool and gym
  • weights room
  • fitness centre
  • portable goals
  • speed agility quickness (SAQ) equipment and laboratory.

They may have available a sports court, cardiovascular room, seminar rooms and speciality allocated classrooms.

The program is supported by Football West.

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