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Approved Specialist Programs

Approved Specialist Programs

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The music Specialist Program develops your child’s skills to appreciate and participate in music at a high level. 

A variety of instruments can be studied. Qualified teachers experienced in performance, direction and writing as well as professional musicians, instruct your child.

Facilities include:

  • music equipment
  • computer laboratorywith music software programs
  • auditorium
  • recording facilities
  • studios
  • practice rooms
  • storage areas.

There may be an opportunity to participate in:

  • workshops with music industry professionals
  • performance opportunities (soloist, ensembles, bands, and choirs)
  • camps
  • tours
  • events
  • festivals.

The program includes:

  • composition
  • arrangement
  • production
  • theory
  • performance.

The program has connections with:

  • local music companies
  • training organisations
  • universities
  • Instrumental Music School Services.

Entry into the program is through an audition and interview.

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