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Approved Specialist Programs

Approved Specialist Programs

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Academic and Applied Approved Specialist Program 

There are a number of programs available including information and communication technology (ICT), agriculture, aviation, marine studies, environmental life studies and hospitality to name just a few.

Many programs include workplace learning which will allow your children to achieve nationally accredited qualifications which can be used in the workplace, in a trade or in further study.

Programs are further enriched and endorsed by leading companies and businesses creating essential links to the workforce and tertiary education.

To find out more about the programs that interest your child, including when applications open and entry processes, please contact the school or check their school website for more information.

Below is a list of all the Approved Academic and Applied Specialist Programs available and the schools that offer them.

“I have always known that I wanted a career in medicine, but I was not sure what field to choose. The health and medical services program helps me to make my decision. I have the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of each field and best of all I get to shadow professionals to see them in action. I can’t wait to begin.”

Rennae Welsh
Year 11 at Manea Senior College
Health and medical services Approved Specialist Program


“We want to turn children on to engineering. Our engineering program provides children with a direct pathway that leads to university study. We are extremely exited about our close links and partnerships with UWA and top engineering organisations, both of which provide input into content taught, ensuring it is directly related to tertiary study.”

David Scuderi
Unit coordinator at Governor Stirling Senior High School
Engineering Approved Specialist Program



Advanced curriculum enrichment

This program promotes higher level thinking skills and academic achievement in English, mathematics, society and environment and science.


Advanced technology and design

This program enables your child to develop their academic skills and demonstrate their creativity by teaching them to design and create industry standard products.



This program provides your child with an in-depth background in farming and agricultural science.



This program teaches children aviation from engineering to learning to fly, including the skills needed to enter the aviation industry.


Computer studies

Computer studies develop your child’s computer programming skills and increases their knowledge of computer systems.



This program gives your child knowledge and skills in the development and design of electrical machines, products and systems.


Enriched mathematics, information technology and science (EMiTS)

An academic based program specialising in science and mathematics, this program is for children with above average ability in these areas. It builds your child’s knowledge and prepares them for further studies at university.


Environmental life sciences

The program combines ‘hands on’ experiences with academic learning allowing children to become the environmental advocates, scientists and politicians of the future.


German language

This program expands your child’s knowledge, skills and understanding of the German language and culture. No experience of the language is required.


Health and medical

This program will give children with an interest in the health profession a realistic picture of what it is like to work in the industry.



This program covers the study of food, including production and service.


Information and communication technology

This program gives your child access to the latest technology, methods, content delivery and opportunities to explore this exciting fast paced industry.



This program expands your child’s knowledge, skills and understanding of the Japanese language and culture.


LEAP Lesmurdie extension and acceleration (science and mathematics)

An academic and practical extension in science and mathematics, the program includes problem solving, model making and field work.


Marine studies

This program combines theoretical and practical programs in marine studies including oceanography, navigation, marine biology and sustainability.


Maritime studies

This program provides your child with a springboard to develop and understand the maritime environment with study including aquatics, snorkeling, boating and kayaking.



This program is for children who have an exceptional aptitude in mathematics.


Mathematics and philosophy

This program embeds philosophical concepts in the context of a structured lower school Mathematics program.


Mining alliance

This program gives your child the skills and experience to work in the mining industry before continuing their studies in an apprenticeship or at university.


Science and technology

Children in this program become members of the Science and Technology Academy (an academy set up by the school), providing them with opportunities to participate in programs, competitions and research projects.

Academic and Applied Programs