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Currency Of A National Police History Check

Public Servants and School Support Staff (non-teaching staff)

When hiring a person that you have not employed before at your worksite:

  • check the persons details using the Screening Status Check function in HRMIS to see if they have a current Department of Education National Police History Check.

If they have never had a criminal clearance, provide them with a National Police History Check application form which they must complete and return to the Screening Unit with their payment of $46.00

If the person has had a criminal clearance, use Screening Status Check in HRMIS to:

  • check if the clearance date is older than six (6) months. If it is older than six (6) months;
    • check if that person has any gaps in service of six (6) months or more;
    • if they do have a gap in service of six (6) months or more, then they will be required to have a new NPHC processed and pay the $46.00 fee.

If the clearance is dated within the previous six (6) months, then that person is able to be hired. The Screening Clearance Number (SCN) will be automatically populated within the Commencement Advice in HRMIS when you submit it for processing (you do not need to enter the person's SCN).

If you are re-hiring a person who has worked at your school or worksite previously, you must check that they have a current National Police History Check by checking the Screening Status Check in HRMIS. If the person’s clearance is not current, or the person has not been screened through the Department’s Screening Unit, they will need to submit a new National Police History Check application with payment of $46.00.

Please ensure you enter the person's proposed starting date in the "commencement date" field when using the Screening Status Check.


When hiring a new teacher, you will need to sight their TRBWA registration letter. On that letter, there is a Criminal Record Clearance date or a Fit and Proper Assessment date. If the Teacher has not been employed by the Department since that date (i.e. the date is more than 12 months ago and the Teacher has not worked in a public school), that Teacher will need a new NPHC processed through either TRBWA or the Department’s Screening Unit.

If the date on the TRBWA registration letter is less than 12 months ago, the Teacher can be hired, however, the school or the teacher will need to contact the Screening Unit to have the teacher's profile in the Screening Database updated. Please call the Screening Unit on 9264 4477 or email with the teacher's full name and date of birth with a scanned copy of the TRBWA letter showing the Criminal Record Check date or Fit and Proper Assessment date.

Schools are strongly recommended to ensure any person in their “relief pool” possesses a current National Police History Check so that payment can be guaranteed through HRMIS and that the school does not breach the Criminal History Screening policy. This can be done by using the Screening Status Check function in HRMIS.

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