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Screening Status Check

Department of Education schools and worksites:

All schools and other Department worksites must check that a person has a current screening clearance status before the person can be commenced.  Access the Screening Status Check quick reference guide to use in conjunction with HRMIS.

External Agencies:

External agencies, such as TAFE Colleges, Catholic schools, Private schools, Universities, service providers and volunteer organisations, can check to see if a person has been cleared, and/or check the authenticity of a Department of Education Screening Clearance Number (SCN). To do this, visit the External Screening Status Check portal.  The External Screening Status Check quick reference guide can be accessed to assist with this process. 


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Screening for Criminal History (Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Checks)

Principals and line managers are required to ensure that any person they are about to employ is in possession of a current Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check (NCCHC) conducted through the Department’s Screening Unit, or, in the case of Teachers, conducted by the Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia (TRBWA), as long as the TRBWA clearance is less than 12 months old on the teacher's commencement date.

Applicants will need to complete the online application.

General Information

The Screening Unit is conscious of the needs of schools and the urgency that sometimes comes with the hiring of staff, however, as the Department’s screening process relies on the services of an outside agency (the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission), the Department is restricted by their timelines once the details of an applicant have been sent for clearance. The Screening Unit accepts the following payment methods: credit card, EFTPOS, cash, cheque and money order.

In most cases, an application will be cleared within a few days, however, in a small number of cases an application may be in process for up to 3 weeks, before the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission advises the Screening Unit of a result. All efforts are taken to ensure a timely response, but Principals and line managers need to be aware that delays may occur.

Applicants who have criminal history information matching their personal details can expect that their application will take a little longer to process, as all such cases are carefully considered to determine suitability for employment. In some cases the Screening Unit may request the applicant to provide a statement and referee reports concerning the results identified in the criminal history record check. However, principals and line managers should not assume that if an application is taking more time than usual to process that there is criminal history pertaining to that applicant. In many cases, the delays are because there is a match in personal details (name, date of birth) for someone with similar details who does in fact have a criminal record. Historical data shows that only 3% (approximately) of the total number of applications processed reveal criminal history information.

The Department is not permitted to have access to juvenile offences, therefore any person to be employed under the age of 18 cannot be screened until after they turn 18. In such cases, employees under the age of 18 should complete the Confidential Declaration located in the Visitors and Intruders on School Premises policy. Once an employee turns 18, they must complete and submit an application for a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check within 3 months after they have turned 18.

Please Note: The Department of Education does not accept police clearances from any other agency for employees or volunteers, including the National Police Certificate which is applied for at an Australia Post outlet. The only exception to this are clearances obtained through the Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia (TRBWA) that are less than 12 months old at the time of the teacher's commencement with the Department.

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