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FAQs for employers and applicants

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Q. The person I wish to hire has submitted their application for a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check with their $46.00. Can I commence them now?

A. No. A person can only be commenced once they have been cleared, and the Screening Clearance Number (SCN) has been issued by the Screening Unit. The SCN will be automatically populated when an Electronic Advice is submitted in HRMIS. You must check whether the person has been cleared by using the Screening Status Check function in HRMIS.

Q. I need a person to start right away and the person I have to do the job doesn’t have a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check , but they do have a National Police Certificate from the Police. Can I accept that?

A. No. The Department of Education can only accept clearances that have been processed through its Screening Unit, or through TRBWA in the case of Teachers (as long as the criminal record check with the TRBWA is less than 12 months old at time of commencement). The main reason for this is that a National Police Certificate will not show Spent Conviction information, however, a check carried out through the Department’s Screening Unit will show all conviction information, with the exception of juvenile offences.

Q. The person I want to employ was employed by a nearby Public school last year, so I assume that they should have been through the criminal screening process at that time. Do I still need to check their clearance?

A. Yes. Do not assume that because a person had been employed elsewhere that they are cleared for employment now. To check this information, use the Screening Status Check function in HRMIS.

Q. Once the applicant has been cleared, how will I know that they have been issued a clearance number?

A. As soon as a person has been cleared, their information is updated instantly in the Department's screening information system. The person will receive an SMS the instant they have been cleared. You must check the Screening Status Check function in HRMIS to see if the person has been cleared before they can be commenced. The person will also be issued a clearance letter which will also include their Screening Clearance Number (SCN).

Q. The person I wish to hire has told me that they have a conviction that happened many years ago - will they still be able to work at this school?

A. That is dependant on the nature of the offence and whether or not there are any other offences that perhaps they did not tell you about. When criminal history information is revealed, the suitability for employment is determined by the Department’s Screening Committee. The Committee will judge each case on its own merits, and in doing so, will take into consideration all available information including information provided by the applicant and character references provided in support of the application. If the person is cleared, this information will be available in the Screening Status Check in HRMIS.

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FAQs for employers and applicants

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