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Schools Plus Online Eligibility
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Schools Plus Contacts

Eligibility documentation and checklists are submitted online.

Email Schools Plus Resourcing queries to:

General Enquiries
Education Support Centres & Schools

Website and SIMS Enquiries

 Please do not email applications.  

The Schools Resourcing and Budgeting Directorate is responsible for the allocation of supplementary resources to eligible students with special needs.

The Statewide Specialist Services Directorate, which includes the Visiting Teacher Service, WAIDE and Vision Education Service can assist schools in implementing appropriate teaching and learning adjustments.

For urgent Schools Plus Resourcing inquiries please call the Schools Resourcing and Budgeting Consultants on one of the following numbers:

(08) 9264 4452

(08) 9264 5333

Kylie Butler - (08) 9264 4362

Lauren Carruthers - (08) 9264 4214

Tracey Perkins - (08) 9264 4847

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