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Year 7 students move to secondary school

Year 7 children are now in secondary school

Starting this year, Year 7 has become the first year of secondary school.

This move aligns with the introduction of the Australian Curriculum which has more in-depth content in each subject and higher expectations about the knowledge and skills that children need so they can succeed in and contribute to our modern world.

Secondary schools will give Year 7 children access to the specialist subject teaching and facilities needed for this new curriculum.

As Year 7 children in secondary schools, they will be introduced to new and more demanding concepts and ideas in all subjects. In maths, for example they will do formal algebra and geometry which was previously taught in Year 8. In science, they will study biological and physical sciences including mixing chemicals using specialised equipment. They will also have access to a much more diverse range of learning experiences such as computer science, robotics, food science, woodwork and metalwork.

The move will provide exciting new opportunities for Year 7 children.

More information for parents
Families who have questions about the move are encouraged to speak with the principal or deputy principal at their children’s schools.

More information for school staff
A Year 7 intranet site has been set up to support schools and staff as they prepare for the move of Year 7 students to secondary school.

W: Year 7 intranet

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Year 7 students move to secondary school

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