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In 2013, here in Western Australia Pre-primary was made the first compulsory year of school. Children attend five full days a week.

At Pre-primary children will build on all the skills they learn in Kindergarten and teachers start laying the foundations in literacy and numeracy for all future learning. Children also start to learn in more structured ways.

All Pre-primary children are assessed on their literacy and numeracy skills through an on-entry assessment. This allows teachers to plan the best learning program for children so they have the best chance of success.

It’s important that children attend Pre-primary every day as it sets good habits and ensures they don’t miss learning any important skills and lessons.

For some children and parents this will take some getting used to. Pre-primary teachers are used to helping families adjust to the new routine, so don’t hesitate to talk with them about any concerns.

Find out what to expect when children start Pre-primary in Hello school!

Find the local school on Schools Online. Type in a school name.

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