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Enrolling in school

Who needs to enrol?

All children of compulsory school age must be enrolled in school and attend every day – this is the law.

In Western Australia, children can start their education in Kindergarten. Compulsory schooling starts the following year in Pre-primary.

All children must attend school up until they are 16 years old. Sixteen and 17 year olds must be enrolled in school or a training organisation, be employed or be in a combination of school/training/employment.

You need to apply to enrol your children in school for 2015 if they are:

  • starting Kindergarten – 4 years old by 30 June 2015
  • starting Pre-primary, the first year of compulsory school – 5 years old by 30 June 2015
  • starting Year 7, the first year of secondary school in 2015
  • starting Year 8
  • changing schools.

Every child from Pre-primary to Year 12 is guaranteed a place at their local public school.

To enrol your child in public school for 2015, contact your local school as soon as possible.


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Enrolling in school

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