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Five days a week at school

The first years of school are so important. Making sure your child attends every day sets good habits and gives them the best start in life, and to ensure they don’t miss learning any important skills or lessons.

Pre-primary is the first compulsory year of schooling and your child will need to attend five full days a week.

For some children and parents this will take some getting used to. Pre-primary teachers are used to helping families adjust to the new routine, so don’t hesitate to talk to them about any concerns you have.

At Pre-primary your child will build on all the skills they learnt in Kindergarten and start laying the foundations in literacy and numeracy for all future learning. They will also start to learn in a more structured way to prepare them for Year 1.

For information about what to expect when your child starts Pre-primary see our publication Hello school!

Find a Pre-primary within a primary in Schools Online.

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