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Approved Specialist Programs

Approved Specialist Programs turn passions into dream careers

Children have the opportunity to turn their passions into dream futures through more than 110 Approved Specialist Programs at 58 schools across the State. Sports, arts, academic and applied Approved Specialist Programs give children real-world skills and a head start in reaching their career goals.

Many programs are linked to sporting and industry bodies and training organisations, allowing children to gain industry recognised qualifications. Teachers and coaches are adept at recognising and developing children’s skills in their areas of interest.

Children can select pathways that prepare them for full-time employment or trades, or future study at training organisations or university.

From aviation to music and from engineering to cricket, the programs are challenging and exciting. Graduates have gone on to become professional athletes, pilots, cinematographers, fashion designers, marine biologists, sports coaches and more.

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Approved Specialist Programs

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