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Statistical Reports

Explanation of Terms used in these reports

Information Services has many tables of data available to meet your requirements. The student numbers are derived from the Census each semester. The updated numbers are usually available at the end of Term 1 for First Semester and end of Term 3 for Second Semester. When viewing these tables, please note the following explanation of terms:

  • KIN = Kindergarten Year Level
  • PRP = Compulsory Year Level (Pre-Primary)
  • Y01-Y12 = Year 1 through to Year 12
  • UPR = Ungraded Primary
  • USE = Ungraded Secondary

There are different SCHOOL TYPES in the Western Australian Education System.


  • Primary Schools
  • District High Schools = usually Kindergarten through to Year 10
  • High Schools = Year 7 through to Year 10
  • Senior High Schools = Year 7 through to Year 12
  • Senior Colleges = Canning & Tuart
  • Senior Campuses = Year 11 and Year 12
  • School of Isolated & Distance Education = SIDE
  • Education Support Schools/Centres
  • Community Kindergartens

Non-government Schools

  • Primary Schools
  • Primary/Secondary Schools = usually Kindergarten through to Year 10 or 12
  • Secondary Schools
  • Independent Pre-Schools
Statistical Reports

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