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North Metropolitan Education Region

North Metropolitan Education Region


North Metropolitan Education Region (NMER)

The NMER is headed by a Director of Education who is a member of the Department’s Corporate Executive arrangements. In each of the two metropolitan regions there are two Assistant Directors of Education.

Through Directors of Education, regions will help principals implement public school policy, monitor the performance of schools and intervene in underperforming schools. They will also provide principals and manager corporate services with financial services, respond to general requests for information from school communities, and help principals manage complaints and crises.

Contact for the Regional Executive Team, Joanne Harris, Director of Education, Steve Watson and Leon Wilson, Assistant Directors of Education are:

Melissa Butler for Joanne Harris
Research and Executive Support Officer
Ph: 9285 3600

Melissa Leone for Steve Watson
Research and Executive Support Officer
Ph: 9285 3600

Brianna Ferrante for Leon Wilson
Research and Executive Support Officer
Ph: 9285 3600

The North Metropolitan Regional Education Office has two Coordinator Regional Services (CRS) and seven Coordinators Regional Operations (CRO).

It is important that the first point of contact for principals is their CRO. Through this channel of contact the Principal or CRO may feel that the immediate involvement of the DOE or ADOE is needed. The CRO is well placed to facilitate this. Clearly, if the issue is of a personal or very pressing nature, the DOE and ADOE can be contacted directly or through the relevant Research and Executive Support Officer.

Please call 9285 3600 to speak with your CRO or CRS.

Coordinator Regional Operations     Coordinator Regional Services  
Esther Cole     Andy O'Brien  
Debra Hardie (0.5)     Debra Hardie (0.5)  
David Forster        
Felicity Matthews        
Melissa Rinaldi        
Eva Staltari        
Diane Trezise        
Michael Yates        




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