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Registrations open for Health and Wellbeing Programs

11 July 2017
The Institute for Professional Learning invites you to register for a suite of highly regarded health and well-being programs that will help you to establish and sustain a healthy and supportive culture for you as an individual or leader.

Successful schools have a culture that encourages and supports everyone to perform at their best.

The Institute for Professional Learning now invites you to register for a new suite of offerings that will help you to establish and sustain a healthy and supportive culture for you as an individual, your team or your school.

Mindful Leaders Series I

The very popular and highly commended Mindful Leaders Program is now offered in a more flexible delivery mode, making it more accessible to school leaders. The program introduces the concepts of mindfulness and mental effectiveness for school leaders and explores how simple but powerful mindfulness techniques can radically transform leadership capabilities. Specifically, mindfulness has been shown to increase focus, attention, awareness, empathy and compassion. It has also been proven to help reduce stress, improve sleep quality, and enhance overall sense of well-being.

Building Optimal Wellbeing in Leadership and Schools

Building on our understanding that wellbeing is an interplay between individual, relational and organisational influences this program provides a comprehensive process for school leadership wellbeing. This wellbeing series provides school leaders with a tool to investigate their own wellbeing, examine the impact of leadership on wellbeing and a framework for improving staff wellbeing. It is recommended that multiple members from a school leadership team attend this program together to maximise effort spent on evaluating and implementing a school-wide process

Verbal Judo for Individuals

Verbal Judo is an invaluable life skill, and the principles and techniques when practised not only enhance your ability to always perform professionally under pressure, but can assist you with developing your personal and professional relationships.

Verbal Judo for Leaders

This program teaches school leaders problem solving, decision making, presentation style and how to enhance your professional credibility with staff. If you line manage others you are encouraged to attend this program, as it will profoundly and positively enhance the way in which you, and subsequently your staff perform.

Strengths Based Leadership

Strengths Based Leadership is designed for participants to learn more about themselves and their leadership style. A deeper understanding of self as a leader and of the dynamics involved in working relationships is fundamental to any leader's ongoing wellbeing.

Leading a Culture of Wellbeing

This program aims to increase participant's understanding of how to lead a culture of health and wellbeing, and learn how to plan, implement, support and evaluate a whole-school approach to wellbeing. It is designed to provide heads of learning areas, wellbeing coordinators, or wellbeing committee members with wellbeing principles that can be embedded across a whole school.

For more information please contact the Institute for Professional Learning on 1300 610 801 or email

Registrations open for Health and Wellbeing Programs

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