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The Cranlana Programme

About The Cranlana Programme

The Cranlana Programme offers a series of colloquia and symposia for senior leaders, each designed to enhance their understanding of the philosophical, ethical and social issues central to creating a just, prosperous and sustainable society in Australia. 

The core programme, the Colloquium, provides a rare opportunity for senior executives in the corporate, public and community sectors to examine their roles and responsibilities. 


Structure of the Colloquium

The Cranlana Programme Colloquium is a week-long seminar offered to approximately 20 participants drawn from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. The Colloquium aims to enhance leadership capabilities and provide frameworks for complex decision-making. 

The fundamental purpose of the 2017 Program fits the broad objective of cultivating wisdom in leadership. It does this by tackling the vital question that has captured thinkers and philosophers for millennia: how should we live together?

Participating in the Colloquium is a personal and professional investment. Alumni regularly report a heightened clarity around their own beliefs and a strengthened sense of purpose and resilience. This flows on professionally through enhanced strategic thinking, a more critical and informed approach to decision-making, improved relationships with stakeholders, staff and boards, and a better understanding of their organisation and industry’s role in the good society.

The objectives of the Colloquium are to:

  • comprehensively reflect on the role of leadership and ethics in a confidential and respectful environment
  • consider the values and principles underpinning Australia’s liberal democracy and the practical application of these in a public policy context
  • examine the tensions and trade-offs between notions of community, prosperity, liberty, equality and sustainability in decision-making
  • enhance the capability of leaders to exercise informed, ethical and effective judgement.

The Department of Education, through the Institute for Professional Learning, is offering one funded place in the 2017 Perth Colloquium. Participants will be responsible for all other costs.

Applications have now closed.


The Cranlana Programme 2017 Perth Colloquium

Dates Sunday 27 August to Friday 1 September 2017 
Venue Mt Eliza House
Fraser Ave
Kings Park WA 6005
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About the funded place

The Department is offering one funded place in the Perth Colloquium. This funded place will cover the full registration costs of the program ($8360). All other costs associated with attending the program are the responsibility of the participant. 

The Program provides people with senior-level responsibilities the opportunity to revisit the vision and perspective of great thinkers to assist them in responding to complex modern challenges.

IMPORTANT: The Colloquium is a significant undertaking. The programme packs a substantial amount into its six-day duration. In preparation, participants are given the collection of edited texts for reading ahead of the course. These are delivered four weeks prior to commencement of the Colloquium and take approximately 30 hours to complete. It is essential that applicants have the ability to make the time commitment for the pre-reading and attendance at the Colloquium.



Senior public service executives, Level 8 and above, and Principals, Level 5 and above, are welcome to apply for a Department funded place in the program.

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How to apply

Applicants are required to submit the Department of Education’s 2017 Funded Place Application Form for the panel’s consideration.

Please email your application to

Applications have now closed.

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Selection process

A panel will select the successful applicants on the basis of merit and alignment with the strategic directions of the Department. Regard will be given to the needs and priorities of the organisation, including those detailed in the Department’s Strategic Plan.

All applicants will receive written notification of the panel’s decision. Final selection, including the selection procedure, is at the discretion of the Department and no correspondence will be entered into.

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Terms and conditions

  • The successful applicant will need to complete an additional Cranlana online registration form after receipt of the funded place.
  • The successful applicant will also be expected to share their expertise and knowledge gained in the program with colleagues as outlined by the Institute for Professional Learning. This knowledge sharing may come in the form of a written report, presentation at Institute events and networking sessions, promotional testimonials, and feedback to Institute management as required.
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Further information

For further information about The Cranlana Programme and the 2017 Perth Colloquium, please visit the Cranlana website.

For further information on the Department funded place contact Martina Hughes at the Institute for Professional Learning on 9413 3311 or email


The Cranlana Programme

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