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Principal Eligibility Modules (Institute for Professional Learning)

About the program and objectives

This self-paced, four-module professional learning program is designed for aspirant principals to develop the necessary knowledge and skills in regulatory compliance, audit and risk.

This course contains 12 components with 11 assessments spread across four modules. Each component will take about one hour to complete, depending on prior knowledge. Upon completion, participants will be issued with a certificate.

Learning Intention

the end of this program, it is intended participants will have developed the necessary knowledge and skills in:

  • managing student services
  • managing workforce
  • managing financial resources
  • managing risk.


Who will benefit?

Aspirant principals. The modules need to be completed before applying for the role of principal. Where an appointment is made before completion of the modules, the newly appointed principal has six months from the date of their appointment to demonstrate completion.


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How to enrol

If you are currently employed by the Department of Education, access the Principal Eligibility Modules online program through the Professional Learning tab on the Department of Education Portal.  This will ensure that the completion of this course is recorded in your professional learning history. Staff will need to use their Portal login details which consist of a staff ID number and a password (same as the HRMIS password).

To access:

  1. Log in to the Portal
  2. Select the Professional Learning tab
  3. Located on the right hand side of the screen is the OPL Course Catalogue.  Locate the program, Principal Eligibility Modules, and select Enrol.

The following is a short video on how to enrol and a brief overview on how to navigate the program.











Review and feedback

The Institute is committed to ongoing reviews of content which will be conducted every six months in order to maintain content currency. The last review was completed in November 2015. If you have completed this program prior to that, you are encouraged to revisit the modules.

The Institute also values your feedback and suggestions to improve this online program for future participants. Please complete our online survey which will take approximately five minutes to complete. 

For further program information

Please contact the Institute for Professional Learning on 1300 610 801 or email


Principal Eligibility Modules (Institute for Professional Learning)

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