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Leading a Culture of Classroom Observation and Feedback

About the program

Leading a Culture of Classroom Observation and Feedback supports school leaders to consider a range of key factors, including the importance of their role in the establishment and strengthening of a positive performance and development culture that will impact on the effective implementation of teacher observation and feedback. 

This two-day program is designed for school leadership teams and aims to strengthen the current work of the leadership team in leading whole school improvement that impacts on every classroom and every student. Although principals are welcome to attend on their own, research tells us the benefits of attending as a team are substantial. It provides participants with opportunities to reflect on their current practices and challenges them to think differently about professional learning and their role to ensure that teacher quality is developed with the focus on building capacity for student learning. 

The program also provides opportunities for participants to hear from a variety of schools about their experiences with developing a culture of classroom observation and feedback. 

This program was formerly known as Improving Student Learning through Classroom Observation and Feedback.     


Learning intention

At the end of the two-day program, school leadership teams will have a deeper understanding of how to build a culture of observation and feedback that aligns with system and school priorities and positively impacts on teacher quality and student learning.


Success criteria

By the end of Leading a Culture of Classroom Observation and Feedback participants will:

  • understand the coherence between system priorities and school based performance development and performance management processes
  • define purpose of your observation and feedback processes and apply flexible approaches to building teacher capacity
  • identify the importance of developing a pedagogical framework for building a whole school understanding of effective teaching and focused classroom observation and feedback processes
  • develop protocols for effective observation processes that build trust and confidence in the process
  • use AITSL resources, including the Australian Professional Standard for Principals and the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers to build knowledge of and engagement in reflection and goal setting.

Who will benefit?

It is recommended that the principal and the same members of the school leadership team attend the two days.


Participant expectations

Participants will take part in learning activities and discussions regarding the foundations for improving the performance of their school. 


About the facilitator 

Sheri Evans has dedicated herself to the development of teachers and school leaders in order to improve their capacity to increase student outcomes.  She has led regional and state initiatives in the areas of early childhood, equity and leadership development in both Western Australia and New South Wales resulting in measurable differences in outcomes for all students.

Sheri has a passion for research and evidenced-based teaching practices.  She has been acknowledged for her ability to design professional learning that combines theory with practical school based strategies.  Sheri has been involved in setting up and facilitating Instructional Rounds processes in New South Wales and is keen to share her experience in Western Australia.

Sheri has received an award for her outstanding contribution to education nationally as a recipient of the 2016 Australian Council for Educational Leaders (ACEL) Fellowship.  In 2015 and 2016, she was also identified for her outstanding presentations at the ACER Professional Practice Conferences.  She is currently completing her Masters in Educational Leadership through a scholarship.


Alignment to professional standards

Leading a Culture of Classroom Observation and Feedback is aligned with the following key professional practices from the Australian Professional Standard for Principals:

  • Leading teaching and learning
  • Developing self and others
  • Leading improvement, innovation and change
  • Leading the management of the school

The program is also links to the following Australian Professional Standards for Teachers:

6. Engage in professional learning

    Two-day program

    13 and 14 November 2017


    Mount Claremont

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    Leading a Culture of Classroom
    Observation and Feedback

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  Day 1 Day 2
Cohort 1 Monday
15 May 2017
16 May 2017
Cohort 2 Thursday
8 June 2017
9 June 2017
Cohort 3 Thursday
17 August 2017
18 August 2017
Cohort 4 Monday
13 November 2017
14 November 2017

All programs run from 8.30am to 4.30pm.






Wollaston Conference Centre
Banksia Room
5 Wollaston Road, Mount Claremont

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On the day

  • Programs start at 8.30am. 
  • Business dress is required.
  • Morning tea and lunch are provided.



Wollaston Conference Centre
Banksia Room
5 Wollaston Road,  Mount Claremont



Download the Wollaston Conference Centre parking information.

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How to enrol

Further information

Please contact the Institute for Professional Learning on 1300 610 801 or email


Leading a Culture of Classroom Observation and Feedback

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