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Consultancy in planning professional learning for your school

Would you like advice on how to best meet the professional learning needs of your staff?

The Institute for Professional Learning can provide free consultancy, supporting you to plan and deliver the most effective professional learning to meet the needs of your staff.


Peter Glendenning

My goal as an educator is to develop positive, collaborative cultures to meet the needs of students, high quality professional approach by staff and strong community expectations. I am committed to public education, my profession and have a personal willingness to learn and continually develop through knowledge, growth and experience.

I am an educational leader with over 25 years of experience in the leadership of significant teaching and educational development across Western Australia. I have a significant record in achieving outstanding outcomes across the Department of Education. I have demonstrated successful skills in school improvement, staff development and professional learning. I have been publically recognized for my success in working with schools, teachers and principals.  My professional focus has been on the development of leadership capacity for school leaders. I have used evidence based practices, international and national research, and designed and influenced models of professional learning for support staff, teachers, aspirant, beginning and experienced educational leaders.

In 2013 I was appointed advisor with the Principals’ Advisory Team working with 200 newly appointed principals across Western Australia. My experiences in this role lead me to my current position as the Director, Institute for Professional Learning.


Julie Carlson
Consultant Principal

I am delighted with my appointment to the Institute for Professional Learning as consultant principal. As a leader of a large Independent Public School, I know first-hand, the exciting opportunities and enormous responsibilities on our shoulders.  I am eager to support principals in the challenge of juggling a myriad of competing demands whilst maintaining a focus on students as the core for every decision. I am here to help!

My background includes leading curriculum and online learning across primary and secondary schools and in isolated, regional and metropolitan locations. My involvement and passion in Aboriginal education began as a newly appointed graduate to Balgo Hills Aboriginal Community.

I look forward to being able to talk to you to ensure appropriate support is tailored to your needs.


Contact Peter Glendenning, Director, Institute for Professional Learning to be referred to the consultant principal or professional learning coordinator most aligned with your school’s professional learning needs.

T: 1300 610 801



Consultancy in planning professional learning for your school

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