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Access to a mentor

Mentors for newly appointed managers corporate services

Would you like to be matched with a mentor?

We can match you with experienced managers corporate services who are trained to mentor you.

You can be a mentee if you:

  • would like some support and guidance
  • are willing to learn
  • are prepared to work through issues.

Benefits to you

Mentees will:

  • increase personal and professional confidence
  • identify areas for professional growth and development
  • receive advice, support and assistance
  • develop new skills and perspectives
  • feel empowered
  • have a clearer understanding of their role
  • have a 'safe' environment to review their work
  • have access to a powerful learning tool to acquire skills and experience
  • increase their network
  • advance their career opportunities
  • increase their job satisfaction.


Program coordinator

Meagan Muntz has eight years experience as a manager corporate services. Currently a consultant at the Institute, Meagan has been involved with the development and delivery of a number of Institute programs.

She holds a Graduate Certificate in Education Business Leadership, Diploma of Management and a Certificate IV in Business.


    On-going support

    Dates and venues
    by appointment


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How to apply for a mentor

Complete the Mentee Expression of Interest Form and forward it to Institute for Professional Learning as outlined on the form and we’ll be in touch to connect you with a suitable mentor.


Further information

Please contact the Institute for Professional Learning on 1300 610 801 or email


Access to a mentor

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