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The Leadership Institute provides support to managers corporate services through the following professional learning opportunities: 

Graduate Certficate
of Education Business Leadership
Verbal Judo for Individuals Verbal Judo for Leaders Mental Health in the Workplace Introduction to Leadership Coaching

    Post-graduate qualification
    $2400 per unit

This qualification is offered in partnership with Deakin University. It is suitable for anyone managing the business of education, including principals, deputy principals and managers corporate services. It is designed to help participants lead diverse teams, adapt to change and work collaboratively to achieve improved governance and business outcomes in the workplace.


    One-day program

This program is for anyone who has direct contact with students, parents, work colleagues and the community in emotionally charged and difficult situations. It gives participants the advantage of knowing what to say, how to say it and why it works.

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    Two-day program

This program includes all of the one-day Verbal Judo for Individuals content, as well as advanced material that will assist in the often difficult role of overseeing the performance of others. The program shows participants how to get the best from their team by the effective use of their professional presence and words.

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    One-day program

​Facilitated by an organisational psychologist and a clinical psychologist, this program provides participants with the opportunity to engage in conversations about case studies and explore resources to ensure they can meet their obligations of providing a safe and high-care environment for all staff.

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    Two-day program

A coaching approach can be used in a brief, informal setting or a formal performance management situation. The program provides the skills and confidence to apply coaching approaches to managing others using the GROWTH coaching model.

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Email and Workflow Mastery
Coaching on Demand
Managing the Performance
of School Support Staff

    One-hour video presentation
    No cost

This one-hour video presentation provides participants with easy-to-follow systems for taming their inbox, enabling them to focus on the right work at the right time. The program outlines, in a practical, no-nonsense way, how to set up an integrated workflow management system that takes the stress out of managing email and workload. The program is suitable for users of Microsoft Outlook™.

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    Institute service

The Institute offers professional coaching that supports, challenges and empowers. It seeks to raise standards of performance, enabling you to become an effective leader in a time of change. The Leadership Institute has established a Buyers Guide: Provision of Coaching and Training Services to offer you access to a coach on demand.

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    Half-day workshop

This half-day workshop aims to develop and enhance the knowledge and skills necessary for line managers of school support staff to undertake all aspects of the employee performance and development process.  The practical advice and resources aim to provide an understanding of the requirements that underpin performance management.

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Managers Corporate Services

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