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Level 3 Classroom Teacher Professional Learning Program

Level 3 Classroom Teachers are recognised and remunerated for their exemplary teaching practices and demonstrated teacher leadership. They play an important role in school and system improvement.

Teachers aspiring to Level 3 Classroom Teacher status can gain support throughout the process from the Leadership Institute through a staged suite of professional learning offerings.

Why is this program for you?

  • designed and written by a Level 3 Classroom Teacher and assessor with feedback from Level 3 Classroom Teacher Program Manager
  • facilitated by experienced Level 3 Classroom Teachers
  • opportunity to view model portfolio examples and high quality evidence
  • opportunity to network with like-minded colleagues
  • practice of a mini oral presentation in preparation for Stage 2
  • relevant, collaborative and future focused.

The Level 3 Classroom Teacher Professional Learning Program consists of:

Level 3 Classroom Teacher Information Session Online (This is now available via the OPL Course Catalog.)
Preparing for Stage 1 Developing a Level 3 Classroom Teacher Portfolio Face-to-face
Preparing for Stage 1 Developing a Level 3 Classroom Teacher Portfolio Online
Preparing for Stage 2 Reflective Practice Face-to-face

It is recommended that aspirants complete the online information session prior to preparing for Stage 1.

Aspirants usually wait until they have been successful at Stage 1 to attend Stage 2.


Links to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

The Level 3 Classroom Teacher Professional Learning Program links to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.


Further information

Visit the Department of Education's Level 3 Teacher Career Opportunities website for more information about the Level 3 Classroom Teacher process and to access the following:

  • Level 3 Classroom Teacher Guidelines
  • competencies and assessment rubrics
  • examples of evidence for teaching portfolios
  • Level 3 Classroom Teacher application form.

Contact the Leadership Institute on 1300 610 801 or email



Level 3 Classroom Teachers

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