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Aspiring Principal's Professional Learning

Supports aspiring principals to develop skills and understanding of the requirements and expectations of the role of principal.

Programs are designed to support aspiring principals to:

  • understand, experience, reflect on and develop their leadership practice
  • develop understanding and management of their leadership approaches
  • understand the requirements and expectations of the role of principal
  • lead a culture of learning to improve student outcomes
  • enhance capabilities to lead high quality teaching and learning
  • strengthen interpersonal and relational skills.

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Explore: A Career in School Leadership

Instructional Leadership: Learning Leadership for School Improvement and Innovation
Graduate Certificate
of Education Business Leadership
Peer Coaching:
Positive Conversations About Teaching Practice
Principal Eligibility Modules

School leader in front of school

    Six-week online program

This program is for teachers emerging leaders, middle leaders, aspiring principals and newly appointed deputy principals aspiring to the role of school principal. It provides research-based evidence, professional readings and opportunities for participants to reflect on their current professional needs, and aligns to the Australian Professional Standard for Principals.

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Female leader addressing colleagues

    Five-day program

Instructional leadership plays a key role in the quality and variability of instruction between teachers, which has an impact on student learning. This program identifies how successful school leaders create an environment that motivates teachers and provides them with opportunities to increase their capability, which leads to continuous improvement in the standards of teaching and learning.

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Deakin University logo on side of building

    Post-graduate qualification
    ‚Äč$2400 per unit

This qualification is offered in partnership with Deakin University. It is suitable for anyone managing the business of education, including principals, deputy principals and managers corporate services. It is designed to help participants lead diverse teams, adapt to change and work collaboratively to achieve improved governance and business outcomes in the workplace.

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Two teachers working together to plan

    Online module and one-day program

Peer coaching is a learning conversation between two or more colleagues. This confidential process enables participants to reflect on current practice, share ideas, set professional goals, teach one another, build new skills and solve problems. 

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Principal speaking with students

    Self-paced online program
    No cost

This self-paced, four-module professional learning program is designed for aspirant principals to develop the necessary knowledge and skills in regulatory compliance, audit and risk. The program comprises 12 components with 11 assessments spread across four modules. You can access the Principal Eligibility Modules online program through the Professional Learning tab on the Department of Education Portal. 

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Introduction to Leadership Coaching
Verbal Judo for Individuals

Leading the Management of Critical Incidents
Leading Classroom Observation and Feedback
Instructional Coaching:
Leading the Impact Cycle

Principal speaking with staff member in office

    Two-day program

A coaching approach can be used in a brief, informal setting or a formal performance management situation. This program provides the skills and confidence to apply coaching approaches to managing others using the GROWTH coaching model.

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Verbal Judo facilitator in front of class    

    One-day program

This program is for anyone who has direct contact with students, parents, work colleagues and the community in emotionally charged and difficult situations. It gives participants the advantage of knowing what to say, how to say it and why it works.

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Principal at desk in deep thought

    One-day workshop

Through scenario-based learning, thise program provides participants with the foundations for leading the management of critical incidents, increasing their understanding of supporting policies and processes, and the communication and leadership skills that underpin good management.

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Principal meeting with staff member in her office

    One-day program

This program is for school leaders focused on improving teaching and learning at a whole school level. It explores models for classroom observation and puts emphasis on the importance of leadership to drive whole school improvement. Participants will examine the characteristics of effective feedback and learn how to utilise feedback to drive improved practice. 

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Leadership team and staff of a school

    Two-day program

This two-day program is designed around the key themes of Dr Jim Knight’s 2018 book, The Impact Cycle: What Instructional Coaches Should Do to Foster Powerful Improvements in Teaching. Dr Knight has spent more than two decades studying instructional coaching and professional learning. The aim of this program is to support educators in establishing coaching cycles that are targeted and aligned to identified pedagogical practices in schools.


Coaching on Demand
Email and Workflow Mastery
Application Writing and Interview Skills
for Emerging Leaders
Growing Effective Teams Interview with Impact:
First Impressions Count

School principal

    Institute service

The Institute offers professional coaching that supports, challenges and empowers. It seeks to raise standards of performance, enabling you to become an effective leader in a time of change. The Leadership Institute has established a Buyers Guide: Provision of Coaching and Training Services to offer you access to a coach on demand.

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Using a laptop and drinking coffee

    One-hour video presentation
    No cost

This one-hour video presentation provides participants with easy-to-follow systems for taming their inbox, enabling them to focus on the right work at the right time. The program outlines, in a practical, no-nonsense way, how to set up an integrated workflow management system that takes the stress out of managing email and workload. The program is suitable for users of Microsoft Outlook™.

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Meeting the interview panel

    One-day program

This program provides the opportunity to refine written application skills and build on that foundation to shape and improve interview performance in the range of situations job candidates can experience. The focus of this workshop is to support emerging leaders (ie: classroom teachers and teacher leaders) to move into school leadership roles. 

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Colleagues interacting in the office

    Two-day program

This program is for leaders who need to develop a common purpose among team members. It uses a questioning approach and is designed to help encourage team members to take ownership of the shared priorities and explores how leaders can have the rigorous, open dialogue with different personality types.

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Facilitator in front of screen

    Two-hour workshop

This workshop teaches participants about what happens to their body and brain as they feel interview stress, and provides the opportunity to learn and practice simple techniques to quell the physiological effects of stress that affects their performance.

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