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Access to a mentor

Application Writing and Interview Skills for Aspirant School Leaders

Aspiring to be a Manager Corporate Services

Beginning Manager Corporate Services

Branding and Marketing: An Introduction to Social Media

Branding and Marketing: Enhancing Your Presence in Social Media

Branding and Marketing Your School

Building Optimal Wellbeing in Leadership and Schools

Classroom Observation

Coaching on Demand

Coaching Young People For Success

Completion of the Senior Teacher process under previous pathway

Consultancy in planning professional learning for your school

Cyberbullying Webinar

Deter, Detect, Protect - Working with Children Check

Email and Workflow Mastery

Entry and Orientation Program

Evidencing the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers at the Proficient Level (Online)

Explore: A Career in School Leadership

For Level 3 Classroom Teachers

For Senior Teachers

Graduate Certificate in Business (Public Sector Management Program) through Queensland University of Technology

Graduate Certificate of Education Business Leadership

Graduate Teacher Induction Program

Graduate Teacher Information and Support

Graduate Teacher Professional Learning Program

Great Start for Grads: A Guide for School Leaders

Growing High Trust Relationships: Developing Self and Others with the DiSC® Management Profile

Human Resource Management

Implementation and Consolidation of the National Quality Standard

In-Class Coaching Program

Inducting graduates in your school

Innovative Approaches to Secondary School Timetabling


Institute on the road

Instructional Leadership

Interview with Impact: First Impressions Count

Introduction to Leadership Coaching

Introduction to SOE Support Fundamentals

Introduction to Student-Centred Funding and the School Resourcing System

Job Design and Classification

Leadership WA Rising Leadership Program

Leadership WA Signature Leadership Program

Leading a Change Initiative for Aspirant School Leaders

Leading a Coaching Culture for Learning

Leading a Culturally Responsive School

Leading a Culture of Classroom Observation and Feedback

Leading a Culture of Wellbeing

Leading a School Based Inquiry – Managing Complaints, Concerns and Feedback

Leading in a Regional or Remote School

Leading Personalised Learning in the Primary Years

Leading Personalised Learning in the Secondary Years

Leading Reflective Practice

Leading School Improvement: Making It Happen Master Class

Leading School Improvement: The Unrelenting Focus on Learning

Leading School Improvement for Primary Team Leaders

Leading School Improvement for Secondary Team Leaders

Leading School Improvement in an Education Support Centre

Leading School Improvement in a Small School Context

Leading the Early Years

Leading the Management of Critical Incidents

Level 3 Classroom Teacher: Preparing for Stage 1 - Developing a Level 3 Classroom Teacher Portfolio

Level 3 Classroom Teacher: Preparing for Stage 2 - Reflective Practice

Level 3 Classroom Teacher Information Session

Mental Health in the Workplace

Mentoring in Schools

Middle Leaders: Leading from Within

Mindful Leadership 2016 Vimeo album

Mindful Leaders Series I

Peer Coaching: Positive Conversations About Teaching Practice

Performance Management for Managers Corporate Services

Performance Management for Principals and School Administrators

Principal Eligibility Modules (Institute for Professional Learning)

Records Management in Schools

Recruitment - Opportunities, Possibilities and Accountability

Rising Leaders

School Corporate Services Staff - Using Your Competency Framework

Spark for Teachers

Strengths Based Leadership

Student-centred Funding Model and One Line Budget Training

Supporting Teachers Transitioning to Full Registration: Role of the Principal (Online)

Teaching Gifted and Talented Students

The Anika Foundation Youth Depression Awareness Scholarship for Western Australia 2017

The Art of Secondary School Timetabling

The Cranlana Programme

Using Data to Lead School Improvement

Verbal Judo for Individuals

Verbal Judo for Leaders

What's new at the institute

Women in Leadership

Women of Achievement Award 2017
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