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Visitors and Intruders on Public School Premises

4 Procedures

4.3 All other visitors

Principals and managers must confirm that all Department employees, volunteers, visitors and external providers in child-related work have applied for or hold a valid Working with Children Check in accordance with the Department's Working with Children Checks in Public Schools policy available from the Our Policies website at

The principal must require visitors:

  • to add their name, position or company, contact person at the school and/or purpose of visit, and time of arrival to a Visitors' Book at reception at the time of their arrival;
  • who are not involved in child-related work (such as contractors) to complete and sign a Confidential Declaration form (see Appendix C) unless the principal determines that this is not required; and
  • who are involved in child-related work to produce a Working with Children Check card.

The principal should:

  • require visitors to wear a badge or sticker that clearly identifies them as a visitor;
  • require visitors to sign the Visitors' Book when they leave the school premises and record the time of their departure;
  • maintain all completed Confidential Declaration Forms on file. These should be archived for seven years at the school site; and
  • ensure visitors maintain an apolitical stance and do not express political views or ideologies.

Parents and carers who are recorded on the enrolment form as legal guardians of students enrolled at the school, and who attend the school premises regularly solely for the purposes of dropping off or picking up their children, do not need to sign the Visitors' Book. Should they attend for any other purpose, such as a specially arranged parent-teacher interview (i.e. not on a school-organised parents' night), or if they become disruptive, they become subject to this policy.

For more information about Working with Children Checks refer to

Visitors and Intruders on Public School Premises

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