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Risk and Business Continuity Management


2 Background

The mission of the Department is to provide world class education and training to meet the needs of individuals, the community and the economy of Western Australia. The adoption of risk management and business continuity planning through a framework of systemic identification, assessment and management of all risks is integral to the successful achievement of this goal.

In addition, the following directives provide the impetus to embrace this initiative;

  • Public Sector Commissioner’s Circular 2015-03 which states:

All public sector bodies should manage the risks associated with the activities performed by their organisation. This involves prudently conducting risk assessment processes to identify the risks facing organisations, being able to demonstrate the management of risks and having continuity plans to ensure they can respond to and recover from any business disruption.

  • Treasurer’s Instruction TI 825 which states - the accountable authority shall ensure that:
    • there are procedures in place for the periodic assessment, identification, and treatment of risks inherent in the operations of the agency;
    • suitable risk management policies and practices are developed;
    • an appropriate level of security is maintained over money, public and other property of or under control of the agency, including information held and intellectual property developed and controlled by the agency; and
    • these procedures, policies and practices are documented in the financial management manual or other relevant policy manuals.

The objectives of risk management and business continuity planning are to:

  • protect students, staff and stakeholders from adverse incidents;
  • reduce risk exposure;
  • mitigate and control loss;
  • agree on a level of acceptable risk;
  • ensure the ongoing capacity of the Department to achieve its objectives, and to perform its functions of providing quality service;
  • reduce the costs of risk; and
  • protect the Department and its stakeholders from loss.

This document provides policy and guidance in identifying, assessing, recording and treating risks that could impact upon the Department and as appropriate, policy and guidance in the development of business continuity planning.

Risk and Business Continuity Management

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