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Research Conducted on Department of Education Sites by External Parties

4 Procedures

4.1 Participation and consent

Site managers will determine whether to participate in research projects involving Department sites, staff, and/or students.

Researchers must:

  • include written approval from the Department's Director, System and School Performance in the package of information provided to site managers when seeking their agreement to participate in a research project;
  • obtain informed written consent from the site manager for research to occur on the site, or for participants to be sought through the site;
  • obtain informed, written, voluntary consent from all participants, except where in exceptional cases only, active recorded consent in a form other than written can be justified;
  • fully disclose to participants and primary caregivers all information relating to the study in a manner that can be easily understood, including details of what participation will involve, any proposed audio or video recording, and any use of student work or data; and
  • obtain informed written consent from a primary caregiver and the research participant if the participant is under the age of 18 years. Informed consent from a primary caregiver must indicate that he or she has discussed the matter with their child, who in turn has agreed to participate.



Discussion with site managers may occur for the purpose of seeking collaboration for the design and development of research, but no undertaking can be sought from site managers about future participation before the Department's written approval is provided.

School principals are encouraged to consult their School Council in making decisions about participation in research projects.

The Department does not support the offering of incentives to encourage participation. However, it is acceptable for researchers to assist participating sites by providing administrative support and financial assistance to reduce workload and resource demands by for example:

  • providing pre-photocopied participant information letters and consent forms for dissemination;
  • reimbursing schools for photocopying/postage costs associated with the research; and
  • providing financial assistance for employment of relief staff.

Where a dual relationship with participants exists, (for example, if the researcher is a teacher wishing to involve staff or students in their own school), the Department may request additional procedures be implemented by the researcher to ensure the voluntary nature of consent.

Research Conducted on Department of Education Sites by External Parties

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