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Attracting Outstanding Principals

 The Attracting Outstanding Principals trial

We want the very best principals to lead our schools in our most vulnerable communities.

To attract the best, we are able to offer, for the first time, an attraction and retention payment giving you the potential to earn more than any other principal in Western Australian public education.

Through the Attracting Outstanding Principals trial, the Department of Education is offering attraction and retention payments ranging in value from $5853 to $28 703. Principals in regional schools that have greater levels of complexity facing them will be eligible for the higher attraction and retention payments.

There are many issues that impact on the ability of students in some communities to participate fully in school. We need outstanding principals with the vision, skills, expertise and experience to build the capacity of their schools and engage communities.

Recognising that school improvement results from the efforts of all staff, the trial also includes grants for those schools, which have attracted outstanding principals, when they demonstrate improvement in key areas. The grant will range in value from $24 000 to $57 000 a year, depending on the size of the school.

These will be paid to schools in the trial that achieve in key areas identified through the partnership agreement. Grants can be used by these schools for professional development, learning resources, programs and activities. They will not be paid to staff directly nor form any part of teacher remuneration.

School improvement targets will be aligned to the key result areas of the Low SES National Partnership Agreement and include:

  • improving school accountability
  • building capacity through developing high quality teachers and teaching
  • improved operational arrangements
  • developing partnerships with the community.

This trial will provide the opportunity for up to 15 selected low SES schools to offer attraction and retention payments to attract outstanding principals. These schools will be determined as principal positions become available through natural attrition.

The State Government is co-funding this trial through the Smarter Schools National Partnership Agreements for Low Socio-Economic Status School Communities and Improving Teacher Quality.

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Page last updated 26 July 2013

Attracting Outstanding Principals