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Notice of Arrangements (NOA)

A NOA is specifically used for young people in the last years of compulsory education (typically Year 11 and 12).  Irrespective of the year group the student is currently in, the birth date range must be adhered to for the purpose of an NOA.

Youths who are younger than typical Year 11 students or older than typical Year 12 students may not be eligible for a NOA.  An NOA is used for an alternative to full time school in one or more activities such as approved forms of education, training or employment.  A combination of activities is permissible provided they equate in total to full-time participation.

You can download the PDF form or the WORD form or contact the Participation Unit on 1800 245 485 or email  On completion, please send direct to:

Participation Unit
Department of Education
151 Royal Street

Young people of Year 11 or Year 12 age must be on an approved NOA unless they are:

  • enrolled full-time at school;
  • enrolled and participating in a full-time course at a State Training Provider (formerly known as TAFE) and have a completed and signed Parent and Health Consent form lodged with the State Training Provider;
  • enrolled and participating in a full-time apprenticeship or traineeship, and a completed contract has been lodged with ApprentiCentre;
  • educated at home in accordance with section 10 of the School Education Act 1999; or
  • no longer of compulsory school age, as determined by the School Education Act 1999.

Exemption  - for young people in Year 10 or lower

An exemption is used for young people who are typically in Year 10 or lower seeking permission to participate in activities other than full-time school. It also may be used for older students where a Notice of Arrangements (NOA) is not appropriate. Very specific conditions must be met in order for an Exemption to be approved.

Different forms and processes are required for public and non-government school students (see below).  Instructions are provided on the forms themselves as well as the contact details for enquiries.



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