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For young people in their last two years of compulsory education there are a range of approved options to meet the School Education Act (1999) participation requirement.

There are various pathways other than full-time school for students in their last two years of compulsory education.  A pathway refers to the education, training or employment options (or combination) chosen by the student.  All pathways must be full-time.  Depending on the pathway chosen parents/legal guardian may need to complete a Notice of Arrangements form.

No Notice of Arrangements is required for students who will remain in school studying full-time.

The Department of Education is committed to supporting schools in their attempts to ensure that all young people in their last two years of compulsory education are participating in an approved education, training, employment or combination of options.  If the school has made all reasonable attempts to re-engage the student at school or provide relevant support in accessing another approved option, they are then able to access support from the local Participation team by contacting the Engagement and Transition Manager at your regional education office  for assistance.

Engagement Progams website
For specific information regarding the planning, development and implementation of Engagement Programs, visit the Engagement Programs website.  There are also a number of useful links, support materials and resources available for your use on the site.

For young people in Year 10 or below, you will need to complete an Exemption form instead.


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