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For young people in the last years of compulsory education (typically Year 11 and 12) there are a range of approved options to meet the School Education Act (1999) participation requirement.

No approval is needed if you employ young people on a part-time or casual basis if this is in addition to a full-time education or training program.

As an employer you can employ young people full-time (or part-time if they are involved in a combination program which includes school/training and/or part-time work) during the last years of compulsory education with approval.  Parents are responsible for completing the process but you will be required to provide details relating to the job and to sign the form which is being submitted by the parent.  A Participation Coordinator will contact you to discuss the job before the Engagement and Transition Manager can approve the option.

For more information, dowload the following fact sheets:

If you are unclear on any details please contact the Engagement and Transition Manager at your regional education office (formerly district education office).

If you are in Year 10 or below, you will need to complete an Exemption form instead.


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