"But to succeed in today's world, our students need more than sound achievement in the various learning areas. They need to be adaptable, resourceful and quick to learn. They need to be technologically competent, and adept at seeking out and using information to solve problems. They need to be able to think things through for themselves and show initiative, not wait for direction."

Classroom First Strategy

Welcome to the Department of Education's website Tablet Technology for Education 

The purpose of implementing tablet technology is to support the achievement of education outcomes such as:

  • increased independent and self-initiated learning among students
  • increased student motivation and active engagement in learning
  • improvement in teachers’ capacity to plan for and meet individual student’s needs
  • improvement in students’ learning outcomes in literacy and numeracy
  • extension of students’ learning beyond the classroom and
  • increased parental engagement in learning.

Find information, pedagogical considerations and technical tips that support the use of tablet technology in the classroom.

Improving Literacy and NumeracyImage representing Literacy and Numeracy focus

Using tablet technology in literacy and numeracy to enhance and complement evidence based teaching strategies.

Implementing Tablet TechnologyImage representing Parents

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Case StudiesImage representing iPad initiative

Case studies and research about the use of tablet technology to improve students’ literacy and numeracy achievement.

ApplicationsImage representing Applications

View selection criteria that assist schools to select appropriate educational applications for tablet devices.